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Your own search engine

Adelean is a search engine integrator. Since 2010, we accompany you in the implementation of efficient and relevant search engines.

Your own search engine

In theory, the process is simple. Practically, enteprises are soon confronted to the complexity and heterogeneity of their data sources, input flows, files of different types and volumetry issues. Then come all the business needs and rules to put in place and integrate, pushing sometimes to misuses or “extreme” use of the search engine. Production release is the most crucial and decisive step of this integration. We should not neglect support and follow-up either; this demands many resources and an exemplary reactivity.

Adelean, with more than eight years of experience and more than fifty use cases with the biggest players in the banking, e-commerce and publishing sectors, is familiar with these issues and their problems. This is why we accompany you in this sometimes long and tumultuous process.

Here are the steps for which we bring you all the support and advice but also our technical expertise.

  1. You wonder which technologies to choose, which one will best meet your needs and expectations? Which one will be able to handle the load and volume of your data? The one that will provide the features you expect from a search engine (machine learning, predictivity, sentiment analysis, reporting or alerting tools…)? Adelean performs an audit to study your use case and advises you on the solution best suited to your ecosystem.
  2. We offer you a prototype (or POC - Proof Of Concept), during which we address the entirety of your specifications to give you an overview of the final result. This step is done in collaboration with your business and IT teams for a total adequacy with your needs.
  3. Market evolutions, legal rules, competitors sometimes push you to change or evolve your needs along the way. At Adelean we are aware of this. That’s why we work in agile mode to get your feedback at each step of the process in order to be as close as possible to your business. All of our teams are involved in the creation and implementation of your search engine. We bring our technical expertise but also challenge your requests with an outside eye and the experience of our similar use cases. We have also learned from our mistakes, which is why we are very well placed to know what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Our team, dedicated to your project, will allow you to put your search engine into production in complete serenity thanks to a whole series of tests that we carry out with meticulousness without forgetting a detail and without repercussion on the other entities or teams in your ecosystem.
  5. Once in place, we ensure the functionality and durability of your search engine over the long term and provide appropriate support. Adelean also offers a console that allows your business teams to configure and maintain control of your search engine.

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