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Who are we?

Adelean is a technology and systems consulting company that started in 2010.

Since our inception we guide you through setting up performant and relevant search engines for data, data exploration and analysis.

Since 2011, integrators of software systems like Lucene, Solr and the Elastic suite (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats), we bring to you the expertise that you need for deploying these technologies and their ecosystems into your system.

You are more than forty clients and partners trusting us every year and together we deliver innovative solutions in the sectors of e-commerce, insurance, retail or electronic document management.

We step in all the stages of the project and a variety of technical and organisational environments. Our vocation is data extraction, transformation and retrieval, in all its flavours.

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Choosing Adelean

Choose Adelean:

  • To be sure to select the best technology according to your specific needs and existing ecosystems,
  • To be guided along all the steps of your project,
  • To benefit from support and training to develop your necessary skills internally,
  • To benefit from more than ten years expertise in Search,
  • To count on a team of passionate experts and a company always at your service.