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Search engine technologies experts for your projects

  • Extraction


    Connectors to access any data source, of any format or volume.

  • Transformation


    Algorithms to aggregate and enrich the information to bring you the best experience.

  • Search


    Relevant and performant search engines that you own and evolve.

  • Audit

    Independent integrator, we have one goal: to provide you with a solution that is the most adapted to your environment and your needs. During our audit we analyze your ecosystem to propose you the ideal and persistent technology.

  • Training

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    We share with your team all the necessary knowledge to master the chosen search technologies. With our training offers we are convinced that anyone can manage a search engine project. Our customers are invited to develop their skills and aptitudes internally.

  • Expertise


    Benefit from our 10+ year expertise on search engine problematics. Through a lot of missions, regular trainings, participation to workshops and conferences of our partners, our team is aware of market evolutions and new technology development.