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The biggest player in the market is you!

Many players are present today on the search engine market. Some are emerging thanks to impressive fundraising. Acquisitions and partnerships are multiplying.

The biggest player in the market is you!

This dynamism has given rise to increased competition that pushes each player to improve its products or services and to adapt to the often complex ecosystem of users.

We see search engine technologies being deployed in increasingly unexpected use cases such as sentiment analysis, chatbots or other “assistants” like Google Home. For “Big Data Analytics” (Data Lake, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Log Analytics, Security Auditing), technologies such as NoSQL or distributed search engines have become a standard.

As a user of these technologies you are increasingly building your own tools, applications and engines. Custom-built search engines such as the,,, allociné.fr or are much more used, in their respective contexts, than the “generalist” search engines such as Google. The best search engine is yours, the one you build yourself.

Indeed, you are at the heart of the strategy, you know your needs and those of your customers, you have the short and long term vision of your project, you are as close as possible to the expectations of your users, you want to control your data, the relevance and the performance of your engine. You are the best actors to create, improve and reinvent your search engine.

Adelean, a search engine integrator, will guide you through this process.